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Hi, I’m Yuki, a glitter tattoo artist based in Tokyo. I've been doing glitter tattoos for about 10 years now. I have worked at birthday parties and big events like Tokyo Comic Con.

Glitter tattoos are fun and they add sparkle to festivals, birthday parties, and any occasion!! Visit my Gallery and Example pages for more photos.


I'm available in Tokyo and nearby area and I speak Japanese and English. For availability, bookings, any questions and feedback, feel free to contact me.



What is a glitter tattoo?
A glitter tattoo is a temporary body art, created with a stencil, hypoallergenic adhesive and beautifully colored cosmetic grade glitters.


How long will a glitter tattoo last?
A glitter tattoo will last a few days with care.


Can I take the tattoo off easily if necessary?
Yes, glitter tattoos can be removed easily with oil-based makeup remover. Rub some onto the tattoo and gently remove the glitter.


How long does it take to apply a tattoo?

It only takes a few minutes! Bigger designs may take some more.


Will the tattoo come off if I take a shower?
Glitter tattoos are waterproof, so you can still take a shower or bath. If you wish to keep your tattoo, please do not scrub the area when you are washing and drying off.


Are glitter tattoos safe?
The glue used to apply the tattoo is hypoallergenic products and I use cosmetic grade glitters. Stencils are disposable. However, glitter tattoos are not suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies, and children under 3 years old.


What designs are available?
I have over 100 designs, handpicked by me. There are also special designs for Halloween, Christmas and other occasions!

Can I have a glitter tattoo on my face?
Sorry but glitter tattoos cannot be done on your face. 

Can I hire you for a birthday party/corporate event/other occasion?
Yes, definitely! I’m available in central Tokyo and will travel to nearby areas. I speak English and Japanese.


How much do you charge?
It depends on the type of the event, party etc. Please contact me for details.


I’m looking forward to adding some fun and glitter to your life!

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